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Inaccessible registers from source or with sfr

Question asked by colla.ivan on Jan 27, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2016 by Erwan Y
Good morning,

working with the universal debbuger on the dicscovery board with SPC56EL60L3, I have this error: various registers seem inaccesible to me. If I try to monitor them with SFR, I don't see the values, but "???????", and if I try to do an operation on one of them (reading or writing), the micro go in exception.

Modules that behave like this are, for example, CRC, ADC, LINFLEX.

For the ADC module I tried various configurations with the wizard, but nothing. 
I cannot understand why the ude cannot see them.

P. S: I reported the problem in the discussion on the STM register, because I thincked it was related to a single module (CRC), but after various trials it seems a generic problem related to a group of modules that, for some reason, I cannot access.

Thank you,