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Eclipse and CodeSourcery ARM Sourcery G++ question

Question asked by li.tom.002 on Oct 22, 2011
Latest reply on May 19, 2012 by li.tom.002

I have eclipse 3.6 with GNU ARM C/C++ development support configured.
However, it can generate hex file with warning: cannot find entry symbol Reset_Handler; defaulting to 08000000. Not sure will this effect the hex file.
So I download it to F4discovery board with STM32 ST-LINK utility, reset the board, the program can not run. 

And I program it with hex that from demo project of the board and it works.
The codes I wrote can work in atollic's truestudio.

I convert them to bin file with post-build command.
their size are totally different, it is sure that compile from eclipse has problem
Two files are attached

So I wander that is it due to my C/C++ build configuration errors or something else?
Is there any configure tutorial for cortex m4?
This one works for Cortex M3, but GNU ARM plugin is easier to use.