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SPWF01SA and input.cgi script issues

Question asked by fisher.alex on Mar 9, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2016 by fisher.alex
We use SPWF01SA module for Internet access to our device.
We are using this script - input.cgi - to channel data from STM32F439 to web application (web server). Client gets data using Ajax which use input.cgi.
It works fine... for 2-5 minutes, then it stuck  - firstly module send "timeout occured":

+WIND:56:Insert message to client: TIMEOUT OCCURRED!

 then it stops send anything, sometimes exact in the middle of phrase, for example:

+WIND:56:Insert message to

And then radio dropped wifi connection.
Looks like module locks up.
Data that module gets from STM32 is 107 bytes long.

Why does module stuck? Is it too long - 107 bytes - for this script?
I can post html side here if it helps.