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L6482H settings.. What I'm doing wrong?

Question asked by k.julius on Jun 1, 2016
Hello guys,
I have been working on stepper controller board using L6482 chip, but with no luck making it to work..
Problem: I'm getting over-current fault when I try to drive the motor (motor doesn't make any movement).
Controller settings:
TON_MIN = 4us,
TOFF_MIN = 21us,
TOFF_FAST = 10us,
FAST_STEP = 16us,
TSW = 48us,
Predictive current control is ON,
Gate current = 16mA,
VCC value = 15V,
UVLO tresholds = 7V,
Turn OFF boost time = Disabled,
Controlled current time = 1500ns,
Blanking time = 500 ns,
Dead time = 250 ns,
All currents set to 195.31mV,
Over-current treshold = 750mV.

Power supply = 36V, 11A (SMPS)

Mosfets I'm using:  IPP180N10N3G, Qg= 19nC (25nC max)

Stepper: Nema 23, 0.9 Ohms, 3.8 mH.

I need to deliver max 4.5 Amp to the motors. Speed should be around 400steps/s at 1/16 microstepping.  I have tried to set very low current setings for the motor but stil nothing is happening.. PCB is made with using EVAL 6482 as a reference, only MOSFETs are different. 
Looking forward for your answer!
Thank you!
Julius K.