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AT+S.SCAN problem

Question asked by stocchi.sandro on Mar 8, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2016 by Gerardo Gallucci

I performed  a session of test with this spwf01 module in station mode with a router wifi.
I saw a problem that it accours sometimes during a scanning for  find 
wifi network.  

I sent a command to the module:


The module answer

1:      BSS C4:EA:1D:B1:CA:43 CHAN: 01 RSSI: -83 SSID: 'Telecom-29755459' CAPS: 0411 WPA WPA2 WPS 
2:      BSS D0:D4:12:A6:C0:3B CHAN: 01 RSSI: -86 SSID: 'Telecom-44482613' CAPS: 0411 WPA WPA2 WPS 
3:      BSS 98:E7:F5:49:55:67 CHAN: 01 RSSI: -84 SSID: 'WebPocket-5567' CAPS: 0411 WPA2 WPS 
4:      BSS 10:13:EE:07:5F:B5 CHAN: 06 RSSI: -89 SSID: 'Optima Italia' CAPS: 0411 WPA WPA2 
5:      BSS C4:6E:1F:F4:DB:62 CHAN: 07 RSSI: -48 SSID: 'WebPocket-1558' CAPS: 0431 WPA2 WPS 
6:      BSS 54:B8:0A:13:8D:10 CHAN: 11 RSSI: -80 SSID: 'abcpp' CAPS: 0431 WPA WPA2 WPS 

I connected the module at the sixth Network  and selected a bad password that saved in the memory of the device spwf01.

I selected a correct private mode 





I turned on again the module and after that appeared these messages :

+WIND:1:Poweron (150410-c2e37a3-SPWF01S)

+WIND:13:ST SPWF01SA1 IWM: Copyright (c) 2012-2014 STMicroelectronics, Inc.  All rights Reserved.

+WIND:3:Watchdog Running

+WIND:0:Console active

+WIND:32:WiFi Hardware Started  

+WIND:21:WiFi Scanning

+WIND:35:WiFi Scan Complete (0x0)

+WIND:18:WiFi Join:54:B8:0A:13:8D800

+WIND:21:WiFi Scanning

+WIND:35:WiFi Scan Complete (0x0)

+WIND:19:WiFi Join:54:B8:0A:138D:10

AT+S.SCAN  (  I send a new command AT+S.SCAN but the module answer )

ERROR: Wait for Hardware Busy  

The only mode for resolve this error is change the private mode to zero 





and restart the module.

Now if send a scan request   the module return the wifi network list correctly.

why This happens sometimes?
what is the reason?