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L6470 abs_pos bit length not as large as literature claims? & busy pin ending early.

Question asked by McCrory.Joshuah on May 31, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2017 by Enrico Poli
From the literature, the abs_pos value is a 22 bit 2's complement integer. but when i move the position above 32768 (16 bit 2s complement maximum), the value resets to negative. I.e. the abs_pos value acts as a 16 bit 2s complement value.

 Additionally, using the dSPIN_Move command and using the dSPIN_BUSY to check to make sure it's finished with the move, the busy pin will go high early and the move will not finish. I.e. i will send a dSPIN_Move("FWD",4000) and it will only move so far, then stop without completing the commanded move from the abs_pos before the dSPIN_BUSY goes high. Has anyone else has these issues? Some guidance would help, besides these issues, the product works great.

attached is data output from the abs_pos (see line 28774 for example of it ending early) and sample code of how i'm commanding it.