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stm8A interrupt usage

Question asked by gokbayrak.ahmet on Jan 14, 2013
Hello everybody,

I'm newbie at STM8A. I'm using IAR IDE. I downloaded stm8peripheral from st web site and I'm trying to use template project in the file. 

Firstly, I wanted to use TIM4 and I copied all file in the examples file(in TIM4 directory). 

I'm using IAR in Simulator mode now, but until now it can't work.

While I was searching, I saw some difference interrupt handler between mine and the others.

In my file interrupt handlers are like below : 
   /// code here

But the others use "#pragma vector". It couldn't work in my project.

Can anybody tell me how can I use interrupts in IAR and if possible someone give a simple template project, it will be very useful for me.

Thank you very much...