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STM8S Discovery example not running (no interrupts)

Question asked by Nv1 on Dec 14, 2012

just got my STM8S Discovery board. I plugged the USB cable, it went alive and the LED was blinking. Touching the capsense button was working like a charm.

So I downloaded the source code from the website, installed the correct IAR. I compiled without problems. I started a debug session and as expected, I got a breakpoint at the program start.

But then, when I let it run, nothing happens. The code is running, but the LED is not blinking anymore and there is no reaction to the capsense button. So I stopped that, added breakpoints in the interrupts and restarted the debug. Looks like the interrupts never get triggered.

I'm using the code from the website, without touching it. What's wrong?

PS: I also tried a custom application using only TIM4, no luck. No interrupts.