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Did I brick STM32 Discovery Board ?

Question asked by on May 1, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2012 by stewart.jake
I am new to ARM.
I got the STM32 Discovery board.  (STM32F103RGT6 chip)
I made a quick code that uses the serial port.(code I copied from Keil website that uses the serial port, and just modified very slightly so it always output same char on the serial terminal)
I loaded the hex via ST-Link program.
It seems that the board worked, where I can see output on the serial terminal.
Now for some reason, I cannot do anything with this board, it will not load any hex, well It does, but once I press the reset button, ST-Link tells me that the chip is blank, and keeps telling me this error

"Read Out Protection is Enabled", even though I did not enable any protection that I can think off.

it seems that the "Read Out Protection" is always enabled in the "Options Bytes". I disable it and do apply, and program the hex, but once I push the reset button, it seems that the code is erased, and the board does not do anything. please help me, I am very tired of this thing.

 In the ST-Link utility, I do connect, then program the device, then I press disconnect, then I press the reset button on the board, then when I press connect on the st-link utility, I see that the device memory blocks are all FF, even though I did not do an erase. why is that?

All I want is program this thing with some code, and learn from it. I am not interested in enabling any read/write protection. I just want it to work.

One thing to add, I for some reason decided to update the firmware of the ST-Link from ST site