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Discovery Board Demo Code

Question asked by JimK on Apr 28, 2011
Just thought I provide a complete example for the STM32 Discovery board.  Seems a lot of folks (me included) struggle to get started with the Discovery board.  Just getting the most basic things working seems very difficult.  That coupled with the lack of good demo code makes it difficult for newbies like me. 

I've written a fairly in-depth post over at instructibles.  There are a lot more pictures plus a complete demo for Atollic TrueStudio.  The demo code makes use of FreeRTOS to control the Discovery board LEDs.  The code also drives a $12.50 dollar LCD.  The source code also makes use of the UART, analog outputs, PWM outputs, and DMA channels.  All good stuff.  Oh, and I also made use of the external 32 kHz crystal to record time by generating an interrupt each second.  See picture below.

Here is the link to the instructibles post:

And here is a link to my web site:

Anyway, hope this helps others,