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SPC5 FLASH/DEBUG TOOLS - connector pinout

Question asked by alem_ on Mar 21, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2016 by Erwan Y
I am working with SPC560D40L3 microcontroller and I have some questions on how to design the interface between my board (which design is still in work) and the SPC5 UDESTK and the SPCconnect tools.

Please find my questions below:

- SPC5 UDESTK - how to do the pin assignment on the board JTAG connector:
     - what is the JTAG pinout on the cable side? Can I assume the connector pinout on      the board side is the same as the one on the demo board (SPC560D-DIS)and just do      the same? 

-SPC5 connect - JTAG connector
     - what is the pinout on the cable side? Is it different from the UDESTK? In other      words: do I have to foresee two different JTAG connectors on my board for the two      different devices, or can the same connector on the board will be OK for both?

- SPC5 connect - flash over CAN bus
      - what is the pinout on the DB9 connector? Is it the standard one with CANH on pin      7 and CANL on pin 2? Do I need to foresee extra connections for the SP5 connect to      work using CAN or just the two CANH/CANL are enough?

Thank you in advance for your help.