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EVAL6480H and catch/snubber diode omission

Question asked by strzelczyk.martin on Apr 18, 2016
EVAL6480H uses very robust MOSFETs with hefty intrinsic diodes (25A pulsed current). Does this suggest that it would be ok in practice to exclude catch/snubber diodes from H-bridge design when employing the L6480, as long as within spec of the eval board?
Or perhaps this is permissible strictly for microstepping mode (In full stepping mode and higher motor speeds, the transients from complete on/off switching must be far worse)? I would assume the eval board is built to showcase the 6480 in its best possible light (save for EMI perhaps)...but this seems risky for switch longevity, especially with the specs that this IC can support (Vmot, motor current, RPM, etc...).

Also, which full-step drive mode does the L6480 use beyond microstepping mode threshold?

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