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STL62P3LLH6 Safe Operating Area correct?

Question asked by johnson.seth on Mar 31, 2016
I'd like to know if the STL62P3LLH6 P-channel MOSFET's Safe Operating Area chart is correct in datasheet. I have been comparing these charts of various other parts, specifically the ID value at VDS = 20V and a 100ms pulse width. This part shows an ID of ~20A at this location. However, I've found no other parts with a value this high in a PowerFLAT package (or similar). All other parts with a value this high are DPAK (or similar, with a ~3x lower thermal resistance), and are quite a bit more expensive (>4x). I'd like to ask if this is a datasheet mistake or a very good deal. If I'm making a mistake reading the datasheet please let me know. Thanks!