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Debug/programming another chip with STLINK from STM8disco

Question asked by Pellek on Aug 30, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2012 by Pellek

After developping and testing with stm8s-discovery connected to various evalboards, i just received my prototype.

As written in STM8SVLDISCOVERY's usermanual, i unsoldered the two 0 Ohms of swim connector from the STLINK (i don't want to break the discovery board yet).

Now, i disconnected everything on my board (thru jumpers), except external power-supply to the micro, and i connected SWIM port and GND.

The Chip i use is the STM8S105S4, and i already changed the device target.
Using STVD/Cosmic, i try to enter debug mode and i receive this message :

Starting debug session...
 -> Emulator reset (usb://usb)...
  ** Connection error (usb://usb): swim error [30006]: comm init error: chip does not answer

 -> Failed to connect target.

Seeing SWIM_reset pin, i also connected it (althrough SWIM = SingleWire) and i get same message :/

What did i miss ?