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STM32F103 + SDIO + FatFS

Question asked by mereu.daniele on May 19, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2014 by guillaume.faye
Hi all,
I've a problem with my STM32F103. I need to use fat filesystem on SD card to read/write/create files.
I've connected the SD card to the SDIO interface and 4 wires mode with 47Kohm pull-up on cmd and data pins.
I tried to use Chan FatFs module but it didn't working.

When I debug the f_open(), inside the check_fs() function can't retrieve 0xAA55 on boot sector, and the function returns NO_FILE_SYSTEM.
I've tried different SD card but the result was always the same. The clock of the board is 72MHz. I've read other discussions on this forum without luck.

Can someone help me?


Update1: The check_fs() method call the low level SD_ReadBlock() and here, where the code try to set the block size for the card, it returns SD_CMD_RSP_TIMEOUT.