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L6470H does't switch between SYNC and BUSY mode

Question asked by ihar.ihar on Mar 12, 2016
                        I use L6470H chip.
                        I found a issue of the chip.
                        I want switch  mode BUSY and SYNC in my program to control of the  step clocking.
                        I can write "1" to SYNC_EN bit of the STEP_MODE register.
                        BUT I can't come back STEP_MODE register  to BUSY mode. I am reading "1" in SYNC_EN bit  unlike I wrote "0" there before.
                        STATUS                         reg displayed 0x7e8q value . It means  NOTPERF_CMD is set in "1".                         Conditions: my stepper motor is stopped, any command is not executed.
                        How Can I switch from  SYNC mode to BUSY mode in STEP_MODE register?