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Problems using STM8S Discovery Board

Question asked by singh.mandeesh on Aug 9, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2012 by John Flood
Hi all,

I am a total Newbie in STM8s. I recently purchased a STM8SVL Discovery Board and it worked fine. 
After that I had to develop an Application for my project so I broke the Controller Board, prepare a Hardware according to the schematic given and tried programming using SWIM and gave an External Supply. I double checked all the connections. However, I have not used Vcap with a Capacitor and directly Grounded it. Also I have connected GND to all the GND Supplies ( Analog / Digital / IO VSS) and Vcc (= 5 V) to all the VDD in the circuit.

The error I get is : Connection error (usb://usb): swim error [30200]: st-link connection error

Please help. Do I connect the Hardware as given in the schematic ??