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STM32 Self-Test Lib: GCC Cross - Compilation possible?

Question asked by noest.bernhar.001 on May 16, 2014
Latest reply on May 27, 2014 by nouha

i want to implement the newest version of your SelfTest Lib into our code. But we want to use our current toolchain, a GNU C compiler based cross compiler toolchain GNU-ARM-Eclipse.

Is there a documented way to migrate the sources to GCC compatible?
Because there are only ifdefs for __CC_ARM ( Keil ) and for __IAR_SYSTEMS_ICC__  (IAR) compilers.

I think the syntax inside __CC_ARM is very close to GNU C syntax because of the use of the

__attribute__((section("XXX")))  mechanism instead use of  the "at" mechanism (@ "XXX") to define a variable into a specific section of RAM.

Might it be enough just to replace __CC_ARM to __GNUC__ ?