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STemWin VS emWin

Question asked by espinosa.alfonso on May 16, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2015 by sebbo

we want to use STemWin v5.22 in the development of a GUI application with a LCD controlled by Ultrachip UC1698G, but the only driver available display drivers seem to be GUIDRV_FlexColor and GUIDRV_Lin, as stated in AN4323: Getting started with STemWin Library.

However, the user guide pdf included in the package under Libraries\STemWinLibrary522\Documentation makes reference to the driver GUIDRV_UC1698G just added in v5.22 according to the release notes in page 3. But this seems to be the Segger emWin (not ST) user guide, am I right?

This would explain also why we get an undefined symbol error at linkage when calling the library function GUI_TTF_CreateFont() in order to import a TTF font. This is also seemingly unsupported in the ST licensed version of the library, isn't it?

Thank you for any info you can provide to clarify this confusion!