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Questions on STEVAL-IHM038V1

Question asked by navjee.kevin on Jan 25, 2016
Questions on STEVAL-IHM038V1

            We are planning to design a BLDC ceiling fan controller board based on the STEVAL-IHM038V1 evaluation board. (
            We have some technical questions about this Evaluation Board. 
            1) This Evaluation Board allows an input voltage between 90VAC and 265VAC. But our application needs an input voltage between 100VAC and 280VAC. We couldn’t find in the schematics (steval-ihm038v1_schematic.pdf) which parts of the Evaluation Board prevent it to suit our requirements. What should we modify to accomodate our specifications?
            2) The DC voltage of our fan motor is 320V. We would like to know if your evaluation board allows a +Vbus of 320VDC? We don’t understand how your evaluation board accommodates that DC voltage. Is it done through the software development kit (STSW-STM32100)? And by the way, what is the range of the DC voltage on the board?