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SPWF01Sx.y1 FW3.5

Question asked by Gerardo Gallucci Employee on Jan 29, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2016 by gai.tommaso
Hi everybody,

this is to inform all of you that a new FW for SPWF01Sx, named 3.5, has just been released.

It includes new features...:
- AT+S.HTTPREQ (thanks to Flow forum user)
- AT+S.HTTPDFSWRITE (thanks to burton.mark forum user)
- etf_mode var
- console1_delimiter var (thanks to coghlin.patrick forum user)
- dhcp_lease_time var
- dns_mode var
- use_cgis var
- use_ssis var
- use_decoder var
- wifi_region (thanks to elia.marco.002 forum user)

...and bug fixing:
- automatic deletion of RAM files with the same name
- hidden AP (thanks to Joe forum user)
- decoding function to firstset/output_demo (thanks to Flow forum user)
- UART overrun (thanks to siebke.georg forum user)

It's still not on the website, but you can contact your ST contact/distributor...

Feel free to comment.
Best regards