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STVD 3.1 errors and problems

Question asked by lopez.pedro.001 on May 24, 2012
I'm having some problems with it. The problem is that randomly it starts to fail when you try to save any file (project, .c , . h files, etc). It happened to me 3 times already in the few days that i'm using it. One of the times one of the files was directly gone (deleted from disk) so i need to create it again (lucky that it was a .h file). I'm a bit scaried with it.

In other hand i had problems debugging, and it is not intuitive. First thing would be nice to have a direct key to program and go to debug mode (actually it doesnt have a direct key). But the most confusing and annoying stuff is that Run button (F5) restarts the program from beggining even if you stopped previously on a breakpoint..., it is the first IDE where this happens (and i'm programming since 25+ years ago). I dont see the real difference between reset and run button... i had to "discover" the continue button. I feel this product as something not 100% finished and i feel like a betatester :). I hope that it gets better fast since stm8s is a very interesting product