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DPM configuration of SPC56EL70L5

Question asked by di_mascio.stefano on Feb 17, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2016 by Erwan Y
This time it's going to be really tough, so every suggestion is well appreciated.

I'm using SPC5 studio and I'd need to run some code just on a single core to avoid any kind of lockstep intervention. So, I need to configure the device in DPM. 
Flashing the device with a modified pattern in the shadow memory lets me connect it with JTAG in DPM with no problem.

Then, starting from a LSM project, in the linker file i put 96 kB instead of 192 kB to handle with the DPM configuration. Now I'll need to add a different MMU initialization , as stated in , but I don't know where. As it is, the MCU hangs at startup and the main is never entered.

The main question is : is it feasibile, starting from a wizard project, of SPC5 studio for LSM to create a DPM working project?