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schizophrenic LIS3DS0

Question asked by samuel.poiraud.005 on Nov 28, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2016 by samuel.poiraud.005
Hi everybody,

We are using LIS3DS0 on the ISK01A1 board monted on a Nucleo F103-RB...
Our software is based on HAL drivers (got in the cube).
We met this strange issue in some of our boards (we confirmed the test with many students and dozens of boards):

1- we plug the board
2- the accelerometer failed to initialize. (due to the WHO_AM_I register which is 0xD4 instead of 0x68).
We can reset again and again our STM32, without any change.

Then we program a flush of registers of the LIS3DS0.
We confirm the registers seems to correspond to another component (L3G3200D) !
(WHO_AM_I of 0xD4, )
But, when we do the following steps, the component run well :

1- plug the board
2- -> fail to initialize
3- get off the JP2 jumper
4- ensure temporarly 0V on the Vcc of sensor (with wire) (to avoid a 2V power by I2C bus)
5- get on the JP2 jumper
-> It works!
We can reset our STM32, it works each time.

Any idea?