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Interrupt for sensor

Question asked by D.Nantanat on Apr 25, 2012
hi all..
i'm developing my project about the [electronic chip vending machine]

and now i'm in the part of sensor
i use infrared sensor to count the numbers of object (that pass the sensor)

first, the driver part is working to send the objects out
when the objects come out(pass the sensor) in number as i set(at the beginning)
then the sensor will send response as input to report that it's complete (sensor as rechecker)

*object means electronic chip

so please suggest me that what register that i must to use?
i just fininsh in driver part (pwm part)

thank you!

ps. i heard from my friend that i must to use interrupt but.. in datasheet i found that TIMER has a part of interrupt and ADC too
;'O i'm so dizzy what should i choose to do?

do anyone has an example like this?
give me please~~~