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Not getting touch Notification from Button Widget through STemWin

Question asked by aiyer.kartik on May 14, 2014
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Working on the STM32F439_EVAL platform.
1) I created a UI Screen using the GUIBuilder with just a single button.
2) I call the create function in my application and the screen is properly drawn on the LCD
3) When I press the button I don't see any calls to the window callback function. I'm a expecting a notification from the Child button element regarding the button push. I'm assuming that when creating the dialog the button callback is already set ( BUTTON_Callback) and that the callback notifies the parent when it gets a button push.
4) I have a touch panel and on a timer I send calibrated Touch panel readings to STemWin via GUI_TOUCH_StoreStateEx(). I'm assuming apart from this there is nothing else I will need to do to propagate the touch event to the button widget. 

Can someone point out if my assumptions are wrong and if there is anything extra I have to do to wire the Touch panel events to the Button Widget callbacks ?