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ST62T25C6 SO28 doesn't work

Question asked by Berton.Ivan.001 on Oct 24, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2016 by Berton.Ivan.001

I tried to program an ST62T25C6 SO28, after loading the HEX-File in to the microcontroller with the programer (ST622X Starter kit board, release 5.00), I
put the microcontroller on to my application board and it doesn`t work. Not even the oscillator of the microcontroller works and all I/O pins are at high level.

I use an adapter (dual in line 28 package to single outline 28 package) to connect the microcontrolller to the starter kit board.
I can make a readout of the microcontroller content and the checksum matches to the HEX-File checksum, the options I have set, are also correct.
If I program an ST62E25C DIP28 with the same HEX-File it works perfectly on my application board.

The program was written in assembler language and compiled with ST6 MACRO-ASSEMBLER VERSION 4.50.
I use WINDOWS EPROMER, Product ID 4.0.3,Hardware configuration ST6-004 to program the microcontrollers.

I have no idea whats wrong or if I have done a mistake.
I use WINDOWS 10 as OS and the Starter kit board is connected through the parallel connector to the PC.

Please let me know if you need some more information.

I hope you can give some ideas how to solve this issue or who I can ask otherwise.