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ip_sockd_timeout usage

Question asked by dalla_vecchia.giulio on Jan 20, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2016 by Gerardo Gallucci
Hello all,

I'm using a SPWF01SA.11 as a web server. It is coupled with an host MCU that process the http protocol: the internal web server on the module is disabled (ip_use_httpd = 0), and I have opened the socket server on port 80 (AT+S.SOCKD = 80,t). In this way when the mcu receive an http request, it reply with the http header and the content of the html page. To load a page, the mcu sends over the uart a block of 800 bytes of data and waits for ip_sockd_timeout + 45ms before sending another block. This delay is intended to allow the sending of the data over the wireless and avoid the buffer overflow. Ip_sockd_timeout is set to 5ms. With this configuration sometimes I have some tcp packets corrupted (filled with zero) and the html page is not loaded. Unfortunatelly I can't use hardware flow control because I have some hardware constrains. Is there a solution to safely send some kB of data without having data loss?

Thanks in advance for the support.