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Hello world example

Question asked by jacque.thomson on Dec 30, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2012 by jacque.thomson
Hi there ! 

I am a newbie in ST microcontroller. 

1) To beginning, I bought : 
* A datalog-M24LR-A (with a stm8l101K3 MCU)
* A raisonance rlink kit (with the Ride7 development environment)

2) So, my issue: programming a hello world soft for my MCU.
In other words: To make a short software to detect an analog input DC voltage (3.3V DC on comparative inputs )

3) What I have already done: 
#include "stm8l10x.h"
#define MyGPIO (GPIOB)
#define MyPin(GPIO_Pin_All)
void main(void){
uint8_t C=0;
uint8_t My;
  while (1)  {  
    GPIO_Init(MyGPIO, MyPin, GPIO_Mode_In_FL_No_IT);
    My = GPIO_ReadInputDataBit(MyGPIO, MyPin);

But : When I run this example, and use a strap to powereed with a 3.3 V DC inputs of the MCU, nothings occurs... Just the unint8_t C counter works.

Anybody can explain-me how to develop a simple soft to detect the input voltage in an analog input pin of the MCU ?

NB: Yes, I have already downloaded some example in the internet (st website and ride example). The main issue for myself is to understand how a microcontroller works, I2C, SPI, comparator etc. I have just one experience with MCU (mbed NXP product).