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USART PC to STM8L discovery control -- very strange problem

Question asked by yong_fong.lau.001 on Nov 28, 2011
Hello all ,
I have got my STM8L-Discovery board couple of week ago. I have written a serial communication (RS232 three wire (TX,RX,Gnd) ) program to talk to the STM8L-Discovery. I encounter strange problem as follows: 

whenever I start to use my program to send text to STM8L -discovery , the text is not received at all. The program had been verified using hyper-terminal .... OK

Here is the strange part . Whenever I open the hyper-terminal to talk to the STM8L and then close it. I relaunch  my program it will work perfectly with STM8L as long as I do not  reset the STM8L board . In case of reset,  i need to open and close the hyper-terminal first  , then launch my progam ..

Any help ?  Can Any one tell me what wrong ... both program / STM8L program are tested OK with Hyperterminal . I do not know what Hyperterminal do that is different from what my program does ... Opening and closing the Hyperterminal seem to "set"  the STM8L in correct mode .... kindly advise