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IHM01A1 L6474 reset pin during active output

Question asked by zulkifli.zubair on Oct 13, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2015 by Enrico Poli
 I have some question regarding the board (maybe anyone of you have a better understanding on electronic). I use the board with stepper motor to moves a cart on the linear drives. The move will be limited by proximity sensor that activates the interrupt on my board. (I use Arduino board). I use 45V with 3A for my stepper motor. Everything was okay with the coding. But as I try to improve the code for my application, I'd accidentally mess up the board, The situation was like this:

1.During setup, the L6474 library will be activated.  And the motor will be rotates towards the proximity sensor.

2. Normally after reaching the sensor, interrupt will be activated and then the HardStop() function will be followed. (This code was ok.)

3. But as I play with the code, after the interrupt activates, I use the Reset() function instead of the HardStop() function. (Silly but dummy mistake). After that it didn't function anymore. I immediately check the L6474 datasheet. It states that it is not recommended to reset the device when outputs are active. On the power supply display, it didn't show 45V anymore but instead about 1,0 V.

4. The question is, did you think the chip is damaged? Normally if the chip are damaged, it would smell like a smoke or it burns, but from the appearance only, the chip looks ok for me.

Thanks in advance!