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LIS3DHTR "noisy" output

Question asked by Davis.Robin on Nov 1, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2016 by Miroslav B
I'm trying to get an LIS3DH accelerometer working and I have a question about the output data.
It seems to be very "noisy". I have the board with the accelerometer on a flat table.
I've set the data rate to 100hz and 2g fullscale , high res mode on.
The data seems to jump all over the place. If I tilt the board fully one direction I get about 16000 counts
and fully the other direction I get about -16000 counts, which seems to be about right.Still very noisy 
around the main reading.
when it is flat on the table I get anywhere from +128 to - 128 counts. Counts change in increments of 16.
Is this normal behavior?