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Protecting Flash

Question asked by Mike on Jan 22, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2016 by Erwan Y
Hello Erwan,
For one of the posts, you mentioned about setting following registers along with the accompanying underlined statement. Can you please explain the underlined statement in detail?

If both CW and SC registers should match for values, how the statement 1) can be true?

The best mode for your case is to use the censored mode.
Private Flash Memory Password and censored

1) Set NVSCC0(CW) , NVSCC1(CW) different to 0x55AA. 
    Set NVSCC0(SC) , NVSCC1(SC) equals 0x55AA.
    IMPORTANT : NVSCC0(CW,SC) must be equal to NVSCC1(CW,SC) otherwise your chip will be completely locked.

Thanks in advance.