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STEVAL WESU1 understanding logged data

Question asked by gunjal.abhinav on Oct 26, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2017 by Adriano Basile
Hi , 
I have STEVAL WESU module  and logged acelerometer data using android app. (plz see attached file)
My settings are: 
Timer: 512 Hz, 10Hz, 1Hz
MEMS Accelerometer output data rate: 416 Hz , 833 Hz, 100Hz
In the logged data host time stamps and node time stamps are available. 
My  observation:
All the time stamps are in milliseconds.
Host, stamp time on data at 100Hz if Timer value > 100Hz otherwise at Timer value. 
Node, stamp time on data at 1000Hz irrespective of "MEMS Accelerometer output data rate" settings. 
If Host time stamp rate  lower than node time stamp,  then are we losing data? What is allowable max. data rate at which we can log accelerometer data considering BLE protocol? As per sensor data sheet 1Hz- few kHz data rate is allowed. 
thank you,