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Could not make eMIOS1 working on SPC564B74

Question asked by Aurelien.Leclercq on Jan 19, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2016 by Aurelien.Leclercq


I’m trying since more than a week to determine why is eMIOS1 not working on my SPC564B74L7. I’m now really out of idea and I need your support!

First I would like to submit you what I think is a bug. See icu_bug1.png: I had to add the highlighted code because when activating eMIOS1 alone, it was causing an unhandled exception. It is located around line 600. 

In the attached project (SPC5Studio v3.7) when the code shown in icu_bug2.png is commented out (icu_start and icu_enable), my eMIOS0 ch.1 is working properly (I’m sending a message on the uart telling “ICUD2 is more (or less) than 1kHz”)

But when not commented out, both eMIOS0 ch.1 and eMIOS1 ch.9 are working anymore… eMIOS1 ch.9 alone is also not working.

I added manually the declarations related to eMIOS1 ch.9 / ICUD16 in icu_lld.c and icu_lld.h. I checked them many times, doing some debug but I can’t find why it not working. Pins config are ok (eMIOS1 ch.9 is only mapped on PH[7] and is configured in Advanced mode to alternate 1 with IBE). 

Can you please review the basic project attached and tell me what is wrong here??
Thank your for your support