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GPIO's On external target not working

Question asked by walther.tim on Mar 28, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2011 by Andrew Neil
Hello everyone.

I'm trying to get the gpio's working on an external target (st32f103zd).
I'm using the Atollic Truestudio lite STM32 discovery ide.
The code i'm using works fine on the "internal target", the mcu on the board. Therefore i know that the gpio code is good. Also, I can debug the external mcu with swd and verify that it's working correctly.

On my external target, i've got 14.745 mhz audio crystal as HSE clock. My scope tells my it's running correctly. I can enable / disable this clock from software, although i can't get it to output any clcok synal as external (MCO) clock.It seems like everything interfacing to the outside of the mcu is not working.. I know i should enable ABP2 clocks for the gpio's to work.

Anyone have any ideas? Am I missing obvious some init stuff that doesn't get called on the external target for some reason?