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SRAM faut injection

Question asked by di_mascio.stefano on Dec 11, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2015 by di_mascio.stefano

Hello everybody,

I'm working on the SPC56EL70L5

From the reference manual, I know that:

“For platform RAM, the intent is to generate errors during data write cycles, such that subsequent reads of the corrupted address locations generate ECC events, either single-bit corrections or double-bit non-correctable errors that are terminated with an error response.”

So, I coded (I put the related assembly too):

SPP_MCM.ECR.R=0x33;  \\to activate reportings

0x00001D7E:   70 1F E7 F4  E_LIS     R0,0xFFF4

0x00001D82:   4B 37        SE_LI     R7,0x33

0x00001D84:   01 06        SE_MR     R6,R0

0x00001D86:   34 E6 00 43  E_STB     R7,0x43(R6)


SPP_MCM.EEGR.B.FR11BI=1;   \\ injection

0x00001D8A:   70 FF E7 F4  E_LIS     R7,0xFFF4

0x00001D8E:   50 07 00 48  E_LWZ     R0,0x48(R7)  

0x00001D92:   48 16        SE_LI     R6,0x1

0x00001D94:   74 C0 64 E6  E_RLWIMI  R0,R6,0xC,0x13,0x13

0x00001D98:   54 07 00 48  E_STW     R0,0x48(R7)

But, execution of instruction at 0x00001D8E causes hangs in

_unhandled_exception:0x000003A0:   78 00 00 00  E_B       _unhandled_exception (0x000003A0))

This is not the expected behavior, what is going wrong?

Thanks in advance for the help