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World’s highest performance Cortex™-M microcontroller

Question asked by STOne-32 Employee on Sep 22, 2011
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The STM32 F4 series is the world’s highest performance Cortex™-M microcontroller – 168 MHz CPU, (Cortex-M4 with FPU) 210 DMIPS, 363 Coremark score,

The STM32 F4 is available now and ST will be distributing STM32 F4 Discovery Kits at the Embedded Systems Conference in Boston, Sept 27-28;

The STM32 F4 series extends the STM32 portfolio and now has 250+ compatible devices already in production, including the F1 series, F2 series  and ultra-low-power L1 series

The STM32 F4 reinforces ST’s leadership in Cortex-M microcontrollers, with 45% world market share by units (cumulated 2007-Q1 2011 period according to ARM Cortex-M unit shipments reporting)

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