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SPC5Studio 3.7.0 is available !!!

Question asked by Erwan Y Employee on Sep 18, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2015 by noel.philippe.001
Dear All ,

SPC5Studio 3.7.0 is available

*** Highlights ***
- SPC563Mxx RLA (Register Level Access) drivers for Monaco, with sample applications and related documentation 
- EEPROM emulation software, with sample applications and related documentation 
- Saving and restore Pin map wizard settings 
- Added FlexCAN2 support for SPC56EL70L5 MCU (Leopard)
- Marketplace features enabled with official http web address

Bugs fixing:
-  fixed a problem on the Pinmap Wizard for SPC56ECxx MCU (Bolero 3M) 
-  fixed issue on FlexCAN1 on SPC563Mxx MCU (Monaco)
-  watchdog threshold issue solved for ADC driver for SPC56P/L/B/D/C MCU 
-  fixed issue for SCI driver for SPC56M/A MCU 
-  Minor cosmetic changes for nil OS, CRC, eTimer2  test applications for SPC56L/B/D/C MCU

- Several bugs and improvements, please refer to

(when the forum will be available)
*** Notes ***
- Make sure to read the SPC5Studio Users Guide and Components
Writers Guide in
the help section.
Enjoy SPC5Studio,
The SPC5Studio Team.