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USB port testing - STCC5011 USB charging controller

Question asked by lee.ga_rick on Jul 24, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2015 by Enrico Poli

I'm interested in STMicroelectronics's STCC5011 USB charging controller. We are carrying out product testing for the Lighting Global program ( As part of this testing, we will be testing USB charging ports that are integrated in off-grid solar home system products on the market to see what phone and tablet devices are supported and the maximum charge currents the USB ports are able to provide. For example, we want to know if the USB charging ports support USB Battery Charging (BC 1.2), Apple iPad/iPhone charging to 1A and 2A, Samsung tablet charging to 2A, etc. Can someone, preferably from ST, advise how the STMicroelectronics's STCC5011 USB charging controller was tested to check that it could support all of the multiple charging modes of different phones and tablets? Does ST have a test charging device available for instance, or did they simply have multiple phone and tablet devices and test with them?

Ga Rick