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Bug on SPC Studio Compiler (Critical Error )

Question asked by vanima.nooshin on Sep 8, 2015
I write a bootloader program for my device the program compiled ok when i choose this option ( LOAD IN RAM ) the program complied ok and run successful
but when i choose the seconde option(Copy in RAM ) the compiler build a bin file with 1GB size
and when i choose the first option (Execute From Flash ) if i select the 0x0000 address the program compile ok but when i select the other section like 128K code section the program not compile and get me this error

input section'.sdata' = 'awsl'

output section '.data' ='awl'

c:/spc5studio/eclipse/plugins/ build/out.elf section `.boot0' will not fit in region `flash'

c:/spc5studio/eclipse/plugins/ region `flash' overflowed by 5787888 bytes

collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

make: *** [build/out.elf] Error 1

I use SPC560B50L5

Thanks For help
Best Regards
Nazerian Vanima