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How to make I2S Tx buffer contain USB Device Rx buffer using STM32Cube-based firmware?

Question asked by maggie.roxas on Jul 31, 2014
I am using STM32CubeMX (latest version 4.3) to generate my codes for my STM32303C-EVAL board with STM32F303x series.
I would like my board to act as a USB Speaker.

I was able to configure it as a USB Device (as Audio Class).
I was also able to configure its CODEC via I2C and I2S (also call to BSP_AUDIO_OUT_Init()).

Unfortunately, there is no reference code/document that I can use to map USB Device's Rx buffer (data coming from PC) to I2S' Tx buffer (data going to CODEC).

There is "Audio Speaker" in STSW-STM32121 for STM3210E-EVAL, 
unfortunately, STM32CubeMX/STM32CubeFx-based codes use a totally different version of peripheral drivers and USB Device library.

Is there anyone from the community who knows how to map I2S's Tx buffer to contain USB Device's Rx buffer, using the same peripheral/USB drivers used in STM32CubeMX/STM32CubeFx-based codes?

Been checking almost all code packages for STM32Fx but can't find any - even forums.
I was thinking that since the eval board has the capability to do this (having USB and I2S and CODEC on board), there should at least be some people who've already tried this.

Thanks a million.