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SSL/TLS Error: Unable to connect (-1)

Question asked by paolo.crestani on Nov 16, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2015 by paolo.crestani
I'm trying to establish a TLS communication using the one-way authentication.
I loaded into the SPWF01 the CA certificate as described in the example of the AN4683
but when I try to connect to the openssl server the SPWF01 closes the connection with
ERROR: SSL/TLS Error: Unable to connect (-1).

I'm sure that the certificates are correct (openssl verify is OK), module's date and time are set corretly,
the CA certificate is loaded into the module and the CA domain name is as espected.
The FW module is 150410-c2e37a3-SPWF01S and I have used the last version of OpenSSL: openssl-1.0.2d

Can anybody help me? Thank you.