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httpd_gen in linux

Question asked by maciejowski.seth on Nov 10, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2015 by Burton.Mark
Hey folks,
I'm trying to to create an img file from a web page using httpd_gen.  The only version of httpd_gen I have is the source code (httpd_gen.c).  I compiled this using gcc on two different linux machines (x86 based and ARM based).  I try to download to a wifi module using  AT+S.HTTPDFSUPDATE.  The file downloads to the module, then throws this error on the last bit :
 Write len 617 -> 0x96000 (final)
 Wrote 90729 bytes
 Error (-12 @ 90725/540), cleaning up..

I'm imaging the sample html web pages from the SPWF01S_CGIs_SSIs package.  The output img file is almost identical to the outfile.img file that comes with the package, but it looks like the CRCs don't agree and the header area at the top of the img file is slightly different.  Any suggestions?