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PowerStep01 Register Address and SYNC signal

Question asked by sitthi_amorn.pitchay on Jun 5, 2015
    We have a couple boards with Powerstep01 engineering preview ICs.   We can get the motor up and spinning, but we ran into a few issues.  First, the register address for CONFIG and STATUS do not match the current version of the datasheet. Is there any place we can download older version of the datasheet that would match the preview IC version.

Second, we are using SYNC signal from the powerStep01. The number of pulses we get from SYNC signal is lower than the number of total of steps we should get if we order the motor to move faster than some speed. We already set FS_SPD to 0xFF.   What is odd is that if we power cycle the board, sometime, we actually get correct results. We captured all the register values when it was working and compare to when it was not working, and they are identical.  Can anyone tell us what might be the issue? 

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