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Error : Data Mode not available ?

Question asked by einstein.john on Oct 27, 2015
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I am using SPWF01SC.11

I used the command AT+S.SOCKD=8825 on the hyper terminal and received OK

so the module is in data mode.

Now I want the module to go back to  command mode, so I typed AT+S. also tried with escape but i got an ERROR: Data Mode not available

How I can get back to data mode ?


Second Method:

SocketServer is:

+WIND:61:Incoming Socket Client:

(now the client is connected with the server and working fine )

+WIND:60:Now in Data Mode

(I disconnected the client and it went back to Command mode)

+WIND:59:Back to Command Mode (If I want it to go back to Data Mode ?)

+WIND:62:Socket Client Gone:


ERROR: Data mode not available

(Even after disconnect I am keep on getting the below message why it so ?)

+WIND:29:DHCP reply for

+WIND:29:DHCP reply for

+WIND:29:DHCP reply for