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FCCU configuration

Question asked by di_mascio.stefano on Nov 14, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2016 by di_mascio.stefano
Hello everybody, 

I'm using the SPC56EL70L5.Trying to configure the FCCU, I coded:

#define CTRLK_OP1 0x913756AF   
#define CTRLK_OP2 0x825A132B     //keys needed for operation
#define CTRL_OPR1 1    
#define CTRL_OPS3 3   

uint32_t FCCU_CONFIG_STATE(void){
    /* ----------------- CONFIG State --------------------- */
    FCCU.CTRLK.R = CTRLK_OP1; /* Key for the operation OP1 */
    FCCU.CTRL.R = CTRL_OPR1;  /* Set the FCCU into the CONFIG state [OP1] */
    while(FCCU.CTRL.B.OPS != CTRL_OPS3);   /* wait for the completion of the operation */
    return 1;

But condition is never verified: FCCU.CTRL.OPS is 0x02 (that means operation is aborted) and MCU hangs in the while.

Where is the mistake?

Thanks in advance for the help.