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How to Switch the STM8L152 the sys clock source for HSI to LSI

Question asked by hu.bei on Feb 12, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2011 by Phil
I can change the sys clock source from  HSI to LSI success in the debug mode with ST_LINK in  the   IDE   Iar for stm8.
But  it can't success  when abort the  debug mode.  i need a help,someone can  help me.
This is my code:

                CLK_CKDIVR_CKM = 0;                 //系统时钟源不分频
                CLK_ICKCR_LSION = 1;                //启动LSI
                while(CLK_ICKCR_LSIRDY);            //等待LSI稳定
                CLK_SWCR_SWEN = 1;                  //允许时钟切换
                CLK_SWR = 0x02;                     //切换LSI为时钟源           
                while(CLK_SCSR != 0x02);            //等待LSI切换为系统时钟源
//                CLK_SWCR_SWEN = 0;                  //关闭时钟切换
//                CLK_ICKCR_HSION = 0;                //关闭HSI时钟