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Alternates for obsolete STP16NK60Z?

Question asked by on May 12, 2015
Latest reply on May 13, 2015 by Enrico Poli

We have been advised by our PCB supplier that the ST part STP16NK60Z is now obsolete. ST themselves are advising that the STP13N60M2 device is used as a suitable alternative but we have discovered several differences to the specification that render this alternate part unsuitable for our application (driving a pump motor).

The criteria we are looking for in a replacement are:

  • TO-220 package
  • At least 14A of avalanche current as per the current spec
  • At least 14A of max current
  • Similar power dissipation
  • Similar/comparable characteristics as the current part.

Having performed parametric searches on ST's website and also the likes of DigiKey/Farnell I am struggling to find anything comparable in performance.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a part that might be a suitable replacement that meets the spec above?