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Power Line Communication Module Coupling transformer alternative required.

Question asked by kumara.shp_athula on Nov 28, 2016
first of all I apologize if this problem is not suitable for this forum, but I can't find forum for PLC (power line transmission) . I contacted online support but they did not replied me yet.

Here is my work:
I am working with ST power line communication evaluation kit. This one:

I want to use this for my solar controller, and I am going to make my own circuit with ST 7580 chip. ST provides BOM and schematic. I have attached schematic here.

My Problem:
I check the BOM and I can find every part of BOM in market but not Power line coupling transformer. (T1)
here is the details of the T1 as in BOM

T1      TDK SRW13EP-X05H002 / WE 750-510-231           PLC coupling transformer

But according my search this part is obsolete in 2013. So I need replacement, But ST online support does not help me.

Please help me to replace this by available transformer in market. I need your help because this is most critical part in board.